Frequently Asked Questions

Q ~ What is Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Company?

A ~ Mountain Man Nut & Fruit Company manufactures fine nuts, trail mixes, dried fruits, handmade chocolates, imported and domestic candies, beef jerky, seasonal gifts, and corporate gift specialties.

Q ~ What makes Mountain Man’s chocolates so wonderful?

A ~ Mountain Man imports bulk chocolate from Germany and then adds special touches like real cocoa butter, milk and a special conching time to provide a smooth and silky texture and taste.

Q ~What is conching?

A ~ During the chocolate manufacture process, beans are ground and then remixed with real cocoa butter, milk and vanilla to get the final flavor profile. This is a process called conching and it is this process that determines that smoothness of the chocolate. Longer conch times produce smoother product.

Q ~Why is cocoa butter important?

A ~ Due to rising costs, some manufacturers elect to replace cocoa butter with other oils. While this does help them reduce their costs, we argue that it also reduces the quality and flavor of the product. The percentage of cocoa butter and milk in a chocolate blend can vary its flavor tremendously. Mountain Man has worked for years to get this blend just right just for you.

Q ~ How is Mountain Man able to offer such fresh product?

A ~ We produce approximately 60% of our products in-house. Which is immediately shipped to our distributors to insure it is as fresh as possible. The other 40% of our products, we contract with the producers so we can also get them in-house as soon as they’re produced and sent to distributors wth very minimal “warehouse” time before the customer is able to enjoy our product.

Q ~ Is Mountain Man a vending service?

A ~ No. Our specialty is personal delivery of gourmet snacks to your office for your employees to purchase. We only leave behind happy customers.

Q ~ How do you deliver your products?

A ~ A daily inventory is stocked in a delivery van. We then use a customized cart to bring in a full range of gourmet snacks. You have to see it to believe it!

Q ~ Where do you usually set up?

A ~ Most customers select a break room, lunchroom, conference room, spare office or the front lobby.

Q ~ Is this soliciting?

A ~ No. We provide a service just like your coffee or vending service. We maintain a schedule so employees can look forward to our visits.

Q ~ What forms of payment does Mountain Man accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, cash, and personal/business checks.

Q ~ Will you be back?

A ~ Absolutely. Nationally famous since 1977, Mountain Man has endeavored to please our customers. Outstanding service and the highest quality products has been the key to Mountain Man’s success.

Q ~ Does Mountain Man ship?

A ~ Yes, we can ship anywhere in the U.S. (Special requirements are needed for perishable product in the warmer months.)

Q ~ Still have questions?

Feel free to contact Your Mountain Man Distributor to ask…